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  • Lettings Negotiator
Price : £15.00 (Negotiable)
Type : Service
Date : September 13, 2020
Location : Leeds

Lettings Negotiator

Professionals in property

North West London

Urgently needed

Job details


£10 – £20 an hour

Job type


Number of positions for this role



Pulled from the full job description

15.00 per month residual payment for every room you rent

Full Job Description

Lettings Negotiator:


Proven lettings experience 6 months +


· Upfront: Proven letting experience £25.00 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours £50.00


· Commission: £15.00 per month residual payment for every room you rent


Sales experience but no lettings


· Upfront: letting experience £10.00 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours £20.00


· Commission: £10.00 per month residual payment from every room you rent


The role of a Lettings Negotiator is exciting and varied. The main purpose of your role will be to help landlords let their properties and find our corporate companies and professional sharing tenants new homes to rent. Firstly negotiating the let of the residential property in sufficient quantity to meet agreed on performance targets, whilst advancing the service standards of the Company and abiding by company policy and statutory legislation.


You will liaise between a wide variety of people on a daily basis and are responsible for dealing exceptional levels of customer service, provide a line of communication between landlords, tenants and us, managing property offers, helping to close sales and matching clients with suitable properties, whilst managing a fast-moving process through from beginning to end, to get the best end result for all parties concerned.


Lettings require an ambitious salesperson that is eager to build a career in one of the most fast-paced and unpredictable industries in the UK.


Main responsibilities Requirements:


Viewings with prospective tenants Great communicators who enjoy working with people


Working as part of the Lettings team and


covering other negotiators viewings if required


Excellent communication and interpretation skills


High levels of customer service and good


negotiation skills Excellent attention to detail and strong written skills


Meeting target numbers Desire to succeed and achieve, Results driven


Re-qualifying tenants at the viewing, if you don’t feel the sales negotiator booked the tenant into a property that matched their requirements.


Co-ordinating with sales administrator to re-arrange appointments


Money and target driven, looking to work towards something that can bring future financial freedom


On occasion, our more experienced lettings negotiators will be dealing with telephone and email enquiries from prospective tenants and following up in enquiries Basic computer literacy, multi-tasking ability


Sometimes from the property helping co-ordinating the tenant on their move-in day


e.g. give them a set of key and collect their


Tenancy Agreement proactive approach to lettings


Your average day will look like:


1. Checking your online booking schedule to know what appointment you have for the day


2. Verifying where you have to collect the key or how you are going to get access to the property


3. Turning up 5 to 10 minutes before the tenants to prepare the property


4. Meeting the landlords and or the tenants and conducting a viewing


5. Helping us fill out one of three forms to let us know the viewing feedback:


· After viewing form letting us know how it went


· Tenant re-qualification registration form; if you feel that head office didn’t properly capture the needs of the tenant


· Offer form if the tenant was happy and want to take the property/room


6. Letting the professional tenant know to fill out our personality profile so when we do find them a property or when they move in we can use our personality profile to make sure they move in with like minded people


7. Co-coordinating with your sales administrator to make sure we support the lettings process to completion


Our payment structure is unique


If we book you 5 viewings in your 2 hour slots per day you work. Out of that 5 you get one tenant offer. If you are on our top tier hourly rate: £25 per hour. For that day you will be paid £50 plus you will build a residual of £15 for the property/room you rented (for the duration of that tenants stays in that property/room)


So let say you work 3 evening a week and you get one deal each day. That will be 3 deals a week and a residual grow of £45 per week. So per month your monthly residual grow will be £195. If you keep getting 3 tenant deals for a year, you would have rented 156 properties/rooms and your monthly residual would equal £2,340 coming in residually without you needing to do any new deals to receive that income


· Hours: Our office hours & days: Monday to Friday – 10.00am – 7.00pm


· Your viewing hours: Monday to Sunday – 9.00am till 8.00pm during the week and on weekend 9.00am till 7.00pm


· You use our system to select the times you are able to work; we will book you viewings in those times


Training is offered and may be recommended to those who have little or no experience within the sales or customer service industry.


Job Type: Part-time


Salary: £10.00 to £25.00 /hour


Job Type: Part-time


Salary: £10.00 to £20.00 /hour


Flexible Working Options Available:



Work from home

Buyer can make secure payment via PayPal, if the seller accepts PayPal for the item(s), and get the item(s) posted to them. 

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