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Mens Fashion

Mens Fashion

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With more than four decades of experience in the menswear industry, you may be surprised to learn that British cult clothing creator Nigel Cabourn doesn’t see himself as a fashion designer. Cabourn is the opposite – he does not follow trends or keep up with the latest looks. In fact, he makes them. A collector of original and vintage gear, including outdoor, sportswear and military pieces from around the world, Nigel Cabourn clothing has an original quality like no other. The latest collection for Autumn/Winter 18 features a revival of his authentic Camerman, a practical yet stylish jacket, made in England and with 100% Harris Tweed wool.

Why we love them: Real fashion and real quality, Nigel Cabourn is one of the London clothing stores which will give you a product that lasts a lifetime. The collection of menswear is manufactured using only first-rate fabrics, and with unassuming designs that never go out of style. You’ll find their flagship London clothing store, The Army Gym, in the centre of Covent Garden, delivering premium men’s fashion in a uniquely rustic setting.  

Discovering the brand: This London men’s fashion brand goes beyond just S/S and A/W collections – they release up to eight seasons a year to ensure their clothing always remains fresh. Percival’s mission is to ‘subvert the classics’ – and that’s exactly what their range of men’s clothing does. Classic shirts with retro prints, plus a wide selection of other distinctive garments, allows Percival to provide simple style with an edgy twist. We’re especially fond of their laidback t-shirt range: 100% cotton, white tees, complete with embroidered bonsai trees, Pentax cameras and even a T-Rex.

Why we love them: Percival has that classically British flair and finesse that you just don’t find anywhere else in the world. Their inconspicuous and lowkey designs paradoxically stand out, but for all the right reasons. We love their simple, definitive looks designed right here in the UK, which is why Percival is one of our favourite online London menswear shops.

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